FSY World 102 Horridon 10m HC

So that was pretty unpleasant for all involved; it took way longer a predicted, and lead to several sleepless nights. Thankfully the pain and suffering is now over, and we can go back to collecting those loots!

While we fully support making HC bosses truly heroic, Blizzard really needs to look at the progression path. I will be surprised if any boss this tier take us more pulls than this one. Any 10m  guild that wasn’t reasonably close to BiS last tier can forget about taking this dino down for a week or two. A few Thunderforged pieces last week would have been a real bonus, but sadly the gear-check boost is reserved for 25m guilds only.

FSY will suck up the lost time, brush ourselves down, and get straight back to battle!


Horridon HC



Hunter PoV



R.Druid PoV

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