Blackrock Foundry


Highmaul was our first tier together as a group. We started strong, and even though we placed well, our final rank fell way below our target. We strive to correct that in Blackrock. To do so we have been through a post-progress review, pinpointing holes in our formula. There have been multiple changes to our roster, with 10 people leaving, and 7 new faces.

We thank everyone who left for their dedication and hard work, and welcome Xesevi, Zworg, Qbik, Deyron, Ellizia, Vogz and WTFrost to the group.

Preparations have gone well for Blackrock. We have had solid PTR testing, two Heroic clears in week 1, followed by two more clears on the day of Mythic release. Our roster is thin, but well tuned, and ready for the challenges that lie ahead.