FSY 10/14 HC, reclaims server lead 1

Spoils HC

That FSY Train keeps on rollin’!

The first night of week 2 ended with a quick 1-shot of Malkarok, which allowed us to collect the realm first of Spoils within the first hour on Thursday. The fight becomes very trivial when you have high DPS.
With all the easy bosses out of the way, now comes the real test.

Hunter PoV (Mantid->Mogu side)

Balance Pov (Mogu->Mantid side)

Warlock PoV (Mogu->Mantid side)

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  1. Bumbi Sep 29,2013 7:03 am

    You are the shit!!! Damn I’m proud of you, my fat loverboys <3.

    When I first saw this post I was like "WHO DA FUCK IS THIS LOCK?" then a few seconds later I realized it was the womanizer himself, the lovely Drefan.

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