MoP Summary


In the summer of 2012 a group of experienced heroes set out to form a ten man heroic raiding team. Having played together for the entirety of Cataclysm, a new guild emerged on Sylvanas EU. It would be a place where everybody contributed and no-one was left behind. It was here the story begun.

As with every new guild, the start is always hard, and we would be no exception.
The 5.0 daily grind hurt us badly. We burned through six tanks in the opening month and languished very low in the rankings. Having set our aim at the top 600 in T14, to be 100 pages deep was a shock to us all. Hard work and patience got us through these testing times, but after many sleepless nights, spots of light started to emerge from the darkness. Each new kill brought a slightly higher rank, and confidence started to rebuild.

In the coming weeks, using only three raid days, FSY managed to complete T14 as rank 400 in the world. This was way beyond our wildest dreams, and will always be an example of how a small group of dedicated individuals can achieve great things.

Tier 15 was where we transitioned from a group into a real team. We set the bar high with a target rank of 200. Once again the water rose to our neck as we lost player after player. However, this time we had been through it before, and we knew how to respond. Lei Shen heroic was killed 167 in the world.

The final tier of Mists of Pandaria would be better still.
Retaining our mostly 3-night schedule we raised the bar yet again. This time we would aim for rank 100 in the world. The roster had become very stable, there were only a couple of changes over the tier. FatSharkYes completed the expansion with a world rank of 39 in 10m, 89 overall and the highest 3-night guild in the world. Every piece of that success is evenly spread between each dedicated member.

A few highlights below as a thankyou to all members that passed through our ranks in 2013.

Empress HC killed in 2 pulls. This was the first time we really felt the darkness of the opening few months was beginning to fade.

The No-Lock-LeiShen in ~100 pulls

Paragons of the Klaxxi in 56 pulls.

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