We’re Off!



Goodbye Sylvanas, hello Shattered Hand.

We’d like to thank the friendly community on Sylvanas for a great year. It was the perfect home for us while we founded this new project. It fed us with recruits when we were weak, and competition when we were strong. It was the perfect server for us to grow as a guild, but times have changed …

FSY is now a very different guild. We completed last tier as the top 3-night guild in the world. We plan to expand our roster and raiding hours to take that next step into the top 50, and to do that we need a new home. A place without server queues and without Sylvanas alliance. Many options were carefully considered and debated, but we have finally selected our new home.

As of November 25th 2013, FatSharkYes will be competing on Shattered Hand EU.

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